Interaction Recording For Genesys

Solution Overview

Interaction Recording Solution responsible for recording Genesys events and store them into database to match recorded files from Media Control Platform, this considered as basic recording functionality that allow users to perform Quality Assurance on contact center calls


Current Recording Solutions for Genesys are:

  • Complex to implement (increase time to market).
  • Need some knowledge for other products (Elastic Search, Python, etc...).
  • Limited operating system compatibility (some need both Linux and Windows).
  • Extra servers are needed for implementation.
  • Very hard to maintain and debug (logs are scattered between Genesys and other products).
  • Limited recording types supported (MSML, Agent Type).
  • Expensive.

Interaction Recording Solution:

  • Can be implemented in less than one hour.
  • Built like any other Genesys product from template import, fully controlled by Genesys Administrator, Genesys Privileges and more.
  • Support both Linux and Windows OS.
  • Java application to save interactions into database and uses GAX to view them, no extra server is needed.
  • Uses Genesys log hierarchy which can be viewed using Kazimir.
  • Support both NETTAN and MSML with both Trunk and Agent Type recording.
  • Free.


Interaction Recording: Java application that listen to SIP Server to write events into database then link recorded files received from MCP (MSML recording) or read files from MCP "record" folder (NETTAN recording).

Interaction Recording GUI: A GAX Plugin to view saved interactions and search them.

Interaction Recording In Action

Plugin Overview

Interaction Recording GUI (GAX plugin):

Interaction Recording GUI is a plugin in GAX that contain three main pages:

  1. Search Wizard: A wizard that let you search current recorded interactions, it can be customized to add custom fields based on attached data using GAX options.
  2. List View: A view to list current recorded interactions, it can be customized to add any custom fields to list view and allow you to delete or export any interaction.
  3. Details View: A view to show interaction details (info, attached data and recorded files).

Interaction Recording Installation Package